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Treatment Preparation & After-Care Cards (25/pk)

Treatment Preparation & After-Care Cards (25/pk)

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Treatment Preparation & After-Care Menu - Prepare your clients for their ultimate treatment experience with these cards, tailored to ensure optimal results. After their treatment, guide your clients through the essential steps, featuring comprehensive guidelines for maintaining skin health and vitality. Cards include:

  • Personalized Homecare
  • Essential SPF Protection
  • Treatment Series
  • Retinol Pause
  • Injectables Advisory
  • Waxing Precaution
  • Recovery Phase
  • Makeup Application
  • Homecare Adjustments
  • Daily SPF Regimen
  • Avoidance Measures
  • Consultation Reminder
  • Continued Homecare

Empower your clients with the knowledge and support they need for a successful skincare journey with these take-home cards.

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