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Observ 520X

Observ 520X

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OBSERV®520x makes the invisible visible with unparalleled clarity. See deeper levels of skin and reach the next level of skin consultations. OBSERV®520x helps you make more informed decisions when choosing treatment plans and selecting the right products for your patients.

The OBSERV®520x Package contains: 

  • The OBSERV®520x device
  • The latest technology, including our patented ‘Face Positioning System’ for reproducible before and after pictures
  • A universal iPad visor
  • The OBSERV®520x travel bag
  • A practical quick reference guide for most common skin concerns
  • A skin condition guide for advanced practitioners
  • Valuable smooth set-up instructions


  • 9 Different Light Modes
  • 5 Imaging Angles
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 12.6 x 16.9 x 24.8 in

Skin Concerns

Key Ingredients

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